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The Quick Solar Guide


The Seven Steps of Successful Solar

This is how most successful solar converts made a smart decision with solar.


1. Research and Keep Your Wits About You

It can be helpful to get some research under your belt before speaking with installers. BEWARE door-to-door salesmen and too good to be true offers like 0% interest finance. is the perfect place to start.


2. Compare Quotes

Obtaining 2-3 quotes from reputable companies is the best way to learn first hand what is best for you and your roof. Remember you don’t have to commit right away.


3. Get Pre-Approved for a Green Loan

How you pay for your system is the second most important element for maximising savings. Finding out if you qualify for a low rate Green Loan up front is a helpful way to decide on budget.


4. Determine System Size, Brand and Budget

There’s a few steps to this process. Take into account the advice of your installers and stay tuned to your 7 days of Solar emails for what to look for.


5. Select Your Installer

Short of a recommendation from someone you trust, look for glowing reviews on independent sites like SolarQuotes or


6. Installation

Installation will be done in a day and as soon as it’s done you’ll start receiving nature’s energy free of charge. Depending on where you meter box is you may need to be home when it happens.


7. Test and Learn

Now is the time to keep an eye on your power bills. Begin experimenting with timers and delays to make a bigger difference. Here are a few tips to use:

  • Set the pool pump for day only

  • Heat or cool the house before you get home

  • Use delays on the washing machine, dishwasher and dryer


Pro Tip: Every quarter is a season. Autumn and Spring generally consume less energy. Compare against last year’s consumption rather than last quarter’s bill for more accurate figures.

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