Finance Reinvented. 

Our mission

Improve the wealth and wellbeing of our clients.

Parker Lane is a small company making big waves in the finance industry. In less than three short years we've become the number one ranked finance service in Australia for home loans and car loans. Our value proposition is simple: 

Lower rates

Better service

More products

Simpler process

Real people who care

We believe every Australian deserves the knowledge and tools to take control of their finances and make better decisions about their wealth and wellbeing.

Banks no longer repay customer loyalty.

The Royal Commission into Banking made one this clear - customers can no longer trust that the banks have their best interests at heart.

The days of being rewarded for your loyalty have been replaced with a system of gouging customer who are least likely to switch to another lender. A recent productivity commission report found what we see every day - loyal customers were likely to be paying significantly higher interest rates than those offered to new customers.

Why what we do matters

There's no easy way to put this... Our lenders are better.

The mortgage broking industry is not structured to deliver maximum value for the customer. Whether you go to a major brokerage or a small independent, you'll probably be offered the same panel of lenders and the same list of products. 

In addition to our 40+ 'on panel' lenders, we work with customer-owned banks who don't waste millions of dollars a year promoting to brokers, instead reinvesting their profits into better products for their customers. These lenders offer better-than-market products in niche markets and for specific purposes. We then deliver those products to our customers where and when they need it most.

We don't waste time on 'tea and biscuits'.

The average mortgage broker or bank mobile lender spends a huge amount of their time hunting for customers and servicing referrers. Once you factor in time spent driving between appointments and processing paperwork there's very little time for what really counts.

Our lending specialists are 100% dedicated to servicing customer which means they're more available for you. They are also supported by a team of analysts who do the research heavy lifting to ensure your requirements are met. 

Finance is complicated. Technology can empower better futures.

When it comes to finance just selling a loan is no longer good enough. At Parker Lane we offer best in class lending products across most personal and mortgage lending categories.

Our proprietary technology means the process of applying for a loan is simpler, easier and faster than ever before.

About the management

Founder and CEO Chris White has been running finance businesses for the last 14 years. Formerly Executive Director at Loan Market Build & Corporate, Chris established Parker Lane because he saw the opportunity to build a for-profit-with-purpose business which could meet the needs of customers better and serve as a platform to attract brighter minds into a career in lending. Chris' personal mission is to help people take greater control over their finances through education, empowerment and the tools to make it easy.

At just a fraction the size of our competitors, being Australia's highest rated finance brokers on ProductReview* means we work harder.

Chris White, CEO

*Awarded best in Australia in 2019

No.1  for Home Loans  |  No.1 for Personal Loans

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