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First Home Buyer's Guide

Our home buyer guide will help you understand what's involved with the home buying process and how to get the best out of your mortgage.

On Your Marks

When to buy

Deciding when is right for you to take the plunge.



How much deposit you need and the best ways to get it.

Online Shopping


A run down on the costs you'll need to consider when buying property.

X-Ray Results


What you'll need to qualify for a home loan.

Businesswoman in white


Setting your budget and establishing what the banks think you can afford.

Insurance Agent

Mortgage Insurance

What is LMI, why you probably have to pay for it and what you can do about it.



The low down on government grants and exemptions for your state or territory.

Close up on female empty pockets..jpg

No Savings

All the ways you can buy a house without having savings to your name.

Moving In

Old -v- New

A few things to consider before you decide whether new, old or building is best for you.

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