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Switch and Save.

You don't have to go it alone.

Get the team of home loan experts ranked No.1 in Australia to find you a better deal.

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Award winners:

Making the switch needn't be a chore.
Whether you want to save money, get ahead or get things done - switching to a better loan from a lender with a track record of outperforming the big banks could be much easier than you think.

What are you worth per hour?
Is it $100 an hour, $250, $500? Did you know that just 50 basis points off a $350,000 mortgage at 4.3% over 25 years could save you over $16,000 in the next 10 years or keep an extra $96 every month in your pocket.

Just 2 hours for another 2 years mortgage free*
In the scenario above, were you to reinvest your interest savings back into your mortgage, you would repay your loan more than 2 years sooner and be a whopping $46,000 better off. What could you do with another 2 years debt free?

Paperwork free refinance 
Printing, scanning and going to a branch are a thing of the past. Parker Lane’s streamline online application process means no more paperwork because you can do everything online - from the privacy of your home and at a time that suits you.
*Assumes all other variables remain constant

A guide to saving money, getting ahead or getting things done.

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Found your finance? Get the ball rolling on your application via our all online intuitive application form. 

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Success Stories

"I have dealt with a few firms like Parker Lane in the past BUT none of them have even come close to the level of service these guys provided!..."


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David and Ada contacted Parker Lane about solar finance to save money. Their Parker Lane Lending Specialist recommended that they also refinance. In doing so David and Ada will now be able to repay their home loan six and a half years sooner.

See the full review here

Old Rate:    4.76%

New Rate:  3.59%

Their repayments are now $436 lower per month. They will save $5,300 in interest next year.

Amazing Rates - Amazing Service

Tom Sexton, Byron Bay NSW

We Deliver WOW Every Time

No.1 for 

home loans*

No.1 for

personal loans*

No.2 for

car loans*


Australia's Highest Ranked Finance Broking Service

* by rating on ProductReview as at September 2018

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