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The Solar Guide


Don’t Pay Too Much (or Too Little)


A solar system should last your home 25 years or more. Paying a fair price without paying too much can be a delicate balance. Here are three ways we recommend to help get the best outcome.


1. Ask for the cash price

If your installer is offering a zero interest deal they’ve probably factored the cost of it in their price. Let them know you’ve got you own finance and ask for the cash price instead.


2. Be Honest

Negotiation is often seen as something to be done with cloaks and daggers. Almost always the best outcomes are reached by being honest. Be clear about your intentions and those who are worthy of your business will be honest with you too.


3. Cheap isn’t Best

Your car probably won’t be around in 25 years but your solar system will be. Just like cars there are Toyotas, Mercedes and Lemons. When it comes to solar you get what you pay for.


Beware the used car salesman with a new job. He’s probably about knock on your door offering solar with an “amazing zero interest offer but only available today”.

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