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First Home Buyer's Guide


Deciding when is the right time to buy

It is one of life’s big three and when it comes to your future prosperity (unless you marrying well or your child is a tennis prodigy) buying a property is by far the most important

There’s no perfect answer when it comes to choosing the right time but here are some points to consider:


Are you a slave to fear-of-missing-out or do you find yourself beginning to calve a different path? Resisting that urge to buy another round of espresso martinis is a property ownership superpower.


Stable Income

Are you in a stable place work wise and if you were to lose your job/income could you replace it quickly?


Good Conduct

Are your bills and rent on time or do you prefer to wait for that reminder call that your credit card is overdue and over limit? If it’s the latter maybe now isn’t the time for you.


Is the Market Right

Walk into any real estate agency and you’ll probably find a black and white sketch of a shriveled geriatric with the caption “the man who waited for the perfect time to buy”.


Since federation, Australian property has just about doubled every decade. Most would tell you that property is a holding game. Get in and ride the cycle.


Backup Plan

If you get into trouble can you crash a couch or move back home so you can let some renters help you through the hard times.



Are others in your circle thinking the same or can you find a circle who are? Just like most things in life, if you’ve got support around you then you’re alrealdy halfway there.


How bad do you want it?

Do you dream of making your own mark? Can you already feel the freedom that comes with being able to put a picture hook wherever you please without asking permission?


If you’ve got the will, we’ve got the skill. Regardless of your starting point - if you want it bad enough that you’re willing to do what it takes then we’ll move mountains to make a way for you


Good advice

Have you found an advisor you can trust? Trick question - of course you have! Now pick up the phone of book a free express consultation.


It’s so quick and easy you can do it on your commute, before meeting friends on your lunch break or hiding under your desk. The phones are ringing… is that you?


Pro tip: Every other post in this series will be addressed by us when you call. You can read on but if you prefer to do like DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street - pick up the phone!

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