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Buy your first home and borrow up to 100% without paying LMI.

  • NO BULL S*** 




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Buy your first home sooner now

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Don't pay for something you can't use. Parker Lane has options so you won't pay for insurance that protects the bank (not you).


Told you need 5%, 10%, 20%? They're living in the past! We help First Home Buyers with clear credit buy a home now at a great rate.


It's not rocket science. Parker Lane wins awards because they work harder to get you what you want and makes it fun while doing it.

Rent money
is dead money.

Rent money
is dead money

Parker Lane wants you to stop repaying someone else's mortgage and start your financial future today.

Potential loan amount is calculated based on a hypothetical mortgage of 30 years at an interest rate of 5% p.a. Different rates will change the calculation. This is not an indication of borrowing capacity and should not be relied upon to make a financial decision.

Get qualified in 3 minutes

In just a few minutes see how much you could BORROW, what DEPOSIT you need and whether you QUALIFY to apply for an LMI FREE loan.


Pass on insurance you can't use 

Lender's Mortgage Insurance (or LMI) is the premium you pay for a policy the bank owns to protect them from you. 

And it can set first home buyers back years!

How much exactly? Well if you've already managed to save 5%, you'll still need to cover $35K in LMI. (based on a $750K purchase).

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Options for almost everyone

Everyone's different. In just a few minutes see how much you could BORROW, what DEPOSIT you need and whether you QUALIFY to apply for an LMI FREE loan.

  • Renters

  • Families

  • Single parents

  • Allied health, engineering & IT professionals

  • Permanent Residents

The direct path to home ownership


Get Qualified
Take the 10 minute challenge with one of our friendly first home experts.


Get Approved
Once you get qualified we'll lock in a plan and get you approved ASAP. 


Get a Home
Find a home and we'll take care of settlement so you can relax.

Why people love us

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3,000+ happy customers and counting

At Parker Lane we're famous for being the little brokerage that wins big awards for satisfying our customers.

With more than 3,000 happy customers in just 4 years, we estimate that on average we save people $35,579 by financing with us.

Hundreds of 5-star success stories just like this one


Out of 5

woman 5

"We found staff at Parker Lane professional and and helpful in every way, making the process stress free and easy.
They helped us by offering a variety of options we would never have considered or known about based on our situation.... we are very excited about paying off our home loans sooner."

Amanda N

Stockwell, SA

You can work with us how ever you like

Get self qualified
Curious? Take the 180 second qualification quiz to see if you pre-qualify. 

Get right to it
Get the lowdown fast a confidential 10 minute session with one of our expert advisers.

Tired of scrolling?

Get hold of a Parker Lane human on 1300 13 17 11.

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