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Taking control of your credit cards is easy with a unsecured consolidation loan and Parker Lane. 

Repay up to 5X faster

Lower repayments

Save thousands


up to 5





Variable interest rate




Comparison rate*

About the lender

A not-for-profit Customer Owned Banking Institution with a history of outperforming the major banks. Established in 1964.

Special offer


up to 5


Variable interest rate







Comparison rate*

About the loan

An unsecured personal loan for the purposes of consolidating and cutting up your credit cards once and for all.

32 Billion reasons to consolidate.

There are 16 Million credit cards in circulation in Australia with an average balance of $2,062. That's a staggering $32 Billion of outstanding balances.

Credit cards are great for the daily expenses you plan to repay immediately. But for purchases you plan to repay over time, there are better options available.


When to consolidate?

If you're not repaying your card balances back to zero every month, your credit cards could be costing you a small fortune in interest.

Calculte you Savings

Repay your cards up to 5X sooner

Credit cards can take decades to repay because there are no fixed monthly repayment or maximum repayment term...




Credit Cards: Minimum credit card repayments of 2.5% of outstanding balance OR $20 (which ever is greatest). Credit Card Cutter: 7.99% p.a. interest rate (8.26&+% p.a. comparison rate) 1 to 5 years. Savings: Savings do not take into account credit card fees and charges of the Credit Card Cutter application fee.

Credit Card -v- Consolidate

Credit cards can look much the same as a personal loan. You borrow at an interest rate and repay over time. But there are four key differences.

No fixed term

Credit cards don't have a fixed repayment term. This means you'll always have the temptation to draw your credit card right back up to the limit.

Reducing Repayment 

Minimum repayments are calculated as a percentage of the outstanding balance (usually 2% or 2.5%). The result can mean 4 to 5 times more interest than a consolidation loan and decades longer to repay.

Access to the money

Unlike a personal loan which you need to redraw to spend, a credit card is sitting right there in your wallet, ready to spend.

It's like carrying a packet of cigarettes with you when you're trying to quit smoking.

Honeymoon deals

Credit cards offer "honeymoon" deals that sound like incredible value. We all plan to transfer the balance when the intro rate is over, but few of us ever do.




Borrow $1,000 up to $50,000 without the need to secure against your home 


Use your cash and savings to save interest and repay your loan sooner


Redraw additional funds paid when you want them. (redraw fee applies)


Repay your loan and close your account at any time without penalty


Use your cash and savings to save interest and repay your loan sooner


One low application fee of $195 which can be added to the loan


Use your cash and savings to save interest and repay your loan sooner


Choose the repayments that suit you. Choose to repay your loan from 1 up to 5 years.

  • What do I need to be eligible?
    Deposit your money into a 100% offset facility which allows you to reduce the interest on your home loan
  • How will this affect my credit score?
  • What exactly will Parker Lane do?
  • If I take the quiz and qualify, what happens next?
  • Do you offer fixed rates?
    Additional fees may also apply. Please refer to your lender for a schedule of fees and charges.
  • What prior knowledge do I need to get started?
    Have not had defaults on any Loans, Credit cards, Interest free finance or Store cards in the last 5 years
  • What are the government benefits available to me?
    The comparison rate is ASIC's standard for comparing loans of $150K over 25 years. Comparison rates may not be the best way to compare the value of loan options which are for different amounts and terms.
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Amazing Rates - Amazing Service

Tom Sexton, Byron Bay NSW

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Found your finance? Get the ball rolling on your application via our all online intuitive application form. 

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We Deliver WOW Every Time

Hundreds of Australians speak to Parker Lane every month about ways to save money.


Out of 5


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fantastic and friendly service !!!

Parker Lane sorted my solar loan and were fantastic throughout the process. They found a low and competitive rate that I was very happy with and they were there during the whole process until the loan amount was ready to draw down. They went the extra step to negotiate with the credit union to customise my loan.
Highly recommended and I'll be back to Parker Lane when I need loan assistance in future.


Sunday, October 07, 2018

Friendly and easy to deal with

Even though the consultant has changed(left Parker Lane), Melaine has handled my loan very well. Thanks for the quick turnaround time.


Monday, June 04, 2018

Excellant and prompt service.

I was referred to Parker Lane to arrange our solar loan. From the outset we received prompt correspondence and the whole process was easy and well managed. Trisna and Veronica were great to deal with. I would definitely use and recommend them again.

Paul - South Brighton SA

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