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The ONLY Medico Home Loan Package to include Nurses

Buy or Refinance
up to 90%

Pay no LMI

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Nurses, find out how you can save with the home loan deal Doctors have prescribed themselves for years. 


4.92 out of 5 stars from 231 reviews on


"Sally and her partner saved $9,559 up front and $191 a month ongoing"


2yr variable rate




Comparison rate*




Key features

  • Borrow up to 98%

  • $0 application fee

  • 100% offset facility

  • $0 monthly fee

  • $395 annual fee


1 - 3 yr fixed rate




Comparison rate from*




Key features

  • Borrow up to 98%

  • $0 application fee

  • 100% offset facility

  • $0 monthly fee

  • $395 annual fee

Why don't all banks offer 90% loans without LMI? And why are we different?

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You're not going to like this... 

The truth is they already do - just not for you.

For years the big banks have given LMI waivers to an 'exclusive' list of professions borrowing over 80%.

Doctors, Judges and Lawyers have been enjoying LMI free purchase and refinance loans and saving tens of thousands of dollars in Lender's Mortgage Insurance in the process.

All the while good credit borrowers in equally respectable professions have been overlooked.

It isn't fair, but we don't expect that to change anytime soon either.

Want the good news...?

There are banks out there who care about customers as much as their bottom line - you just haven't heard of them.

Smaller banks are just as secure as big ones. But unlike big banks, they typically specialise in one type of customer group.

These banks know that certain professions are just as safe to lend to as Doctors. Better yet, their rates are often lower because they don't waste millions on brand ads and brokers channels.

We specialise in helping small banks like these bring their amazing products directly to the people that deserve them the most.

That's probably how you found us!

Calculate how much you can save.

^ Terms & conditions apply. Eligible good credit applicants only.
Calculations are estimate only. Speak to a Parker Lane mortgage specialist to receive a FREE personalised quote.

How it works


Get Assessed

Get the lowdown on what we can do for you and see if you qualify in just 5 minutes.


Get Approved

Find out if you qualify for 90% no LMI finance or if you need to provide some more information.


Pick a Loan Option

Our highly rated advisors will give you options to choose from - just pick the term and rate that work best for you.



Once you've been approved, our team manages the refinance or purchase settlement process

Congratulations! You've achieved mortgage freedom in 4 easy steps :)

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One of Australia's 
most reviewed brokers

"We found staff at Parker Lane professional and and helpful in every way, making the process stress free and easy.
Keely helped us by offering a variety of loans and options, some options we would never have considered or known about based on our situation.
Alana always kept us up to date and we highly recommend anyone looking at refinancing, consolidating or for any other loans with Parker Lane.
Thank you Keely and Alana for assisting us during this process, we are very excited about paying off our home loans sooner."

Amanda N

Stockwell, SA

Young Nutritionist

Who is eligible and what exactly is LMI again?

Eligible Applicants

Not so long ago, certain professions were revered with equal respect to the likes of Doctors and Lawyers.

We call them Everyday Heroes: Professionals serving the community including:


  • Nurses

  • Teachers

  • Police

  • Fire Fighters

  • Paramedics

  • And more...

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LMI explained?
LMI stands for Lender's Mortgage Insurance. LMI is the insurance premium you (the borrower) pays to protect the bank from you.

The greater the risk (the higher the loan as a % of the value) the higher the premium.

LMI is payable on loans above 80% and it is the number one reason why:

  • Home Buyers take years longer to get into the market and repay their mortgage

  • Home Owners are forced to remain in bad loans paying thousands more each year in wasted interest

It isn't unreasonable to expect more and we can help you get what you deserve. 

3,000+ happy customers and counting...

We're famous for helping good credit homeowners buy, refinance or renovate with cheaper rates, lower fees and easier processes.

Our panel of banks includes all the major lenders you already know plus some values based customer-owned banks you may not have heard of (yet).

We work closely with our panel of banks to create lending products that better meet the needs of our special customers - like Australia's first 90% no LMI Medico Package to include nurses.

Simply book a 10 minute call with one of our highly rated professionals and we'll do the hard work for you!

Our Promise
3 year 100% Satisfaction

Trust Parker Lane with your home loan and if you're not 100% satisfied with your mortgage we will move you to a new lender and pay the standard application and discharge fees.^


Work With us How Ever You Like

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Success Stories


Sally & Adam have escaped their old mortgage

Sally (Aged Care Nurse) & Adam (Tree Lopper) were told they had to pay Lender's Mortgage Insurance again if they wanted to refinance.

Their existing home loan lender had refused to negotiate a better rate - Adam believes "they knew they didn't have to [reduce our rate] because they had us trapped."


They believed they were not eligible to refinance without paying LMI until they spoke with Parker Lane.

Key Points

  • An estimated 200,000 Australians are trapped in bad mortgages because the value of their property hasn't grown enough to facilitate an 80% LVR refinance

  • Sally and Adam were quoted $9,559 in Lender's mortgage insurance to refinance with another broker

  • Sally has always thought it was unfair that only Doctors get access to high LVR no LMI medico packages


Old Interest rate: 3.12% p.a.

New Interest rate: 2.29% p.a.

Monthly payment reduction: $191



Sally & Adam reduced their monthly payments by $191 a month and avoided paying $9,559 in Lender's Mortgage Insurance.


Nick & Amrita bought their next home years earlier

Nick (ICU Nurse) & Amrita (Accountant) thought they had years of saving ahead of them before they could buy a house without paying LMI.

They were told that because they were not purchasing a 'new' home they did not qualify for the First Home Guarantee scheme. 

Amrita said "it's didn't seem fair that because we were buying established we had to miss out. Thank goodness for Parker Lane!"

Key Points

  • Nick and Amrita had saved $42K but still had another $39K to go towards their 20% deposit goal at a rate of $330 per week

  • Sally and Adam were quoted $6,559 in Lender's mortgage insurance by their existing bank if they wanted to buy now without saving the remaining 20% deposit 


Purchase Price: $380,100

Deposit use: $41,000

New Interest rate: 2.29% p.a.


2.1 Years

Sally & Adam bought into the hot Brisbane market 2 years sooner and saved a massive $6,540 in Lender's Mortgage Insurance.

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